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Our Corporate Social Responsibility profile

In here we showcase a few of the projects that we have participated in as well as our overall mission.


Life Below Water

Reduction of plastic in our ocean

Since 2019 we have eliminated the use of single-use plastic cups and cutlery from Tankeeraq Ilulissat. We have changed entirely to bio-degradeable cups and cutlery now. We recognize it is a small effort, but nonetheless quite important in the pursuit of a clean ocean.

Good Health and Well-Being

Supporting local non-profit sporting clubs

Every year we donate to local clubs with the goal of advancing our sports communities.

We recognize that we do not have the means to support everyone. Our primary focus is therefore the children in our community. We believe this is especially useful for society, as it enables all kids, regardless of their social background, to participate on equal footing in sporting events.


Recently, we supported the Ilulissat- and Aasiaat badminton club youths in flying from Aasiaat to Ilulissat so that they could compete with their peers there.


Quality Education

Accepting internships and donating towards school-class tours

Every year we support many local school classes by donating various items and capital. The goal of most of these fundraisers by school children is to fund trips abroad with their classmates. We believe this is a great way for the children to bond with their classmates which in turn improve their participation in the classroom. Something which helps their overall education.

We also accept many interns from administrative interns to mechanics, to shop assistants and so on and so forth.

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